Here’s a summary of where we have come from in thinking about extending the buildings in Corbin Avenue:
Sept 2016

Our prayer weekend had a buildings focus. At this the Lord called us to focus on building up the church spiritually as a body of believers. So, we made no plans regarding the building.

Spring 2017

The Heatherlands Centre began plans to be redeveloped. Aware that we would need to be meeting at Corbin Avenue for a while, we decided to make the building more usable on a Sunday morning, with new, easier to move chairs, redecoration, a new sound system and a general clear out.

Autumn 2017

We moved to Corbin Avenue on a Sunday morning. It also became evident we were unlikely to return to the Heatherlands as the church recognised the Lord had moved us out as well as there being practical difficulties in a return to the now re-branded “The Centre, Ferndown”.

Early 2018

Aware of the limitations of future growth at Corbin Avenue and some of the facilitates needing improvement we decided to employ an architect and make some plans. The Lord led us to an architect quickly and without launching a building fund we had received funds to cover architect costs and planning permission fees.

Autumn 2018

Plans for planning permission were agreed by leadership & church members. These plans can be split into two phases; see here to be reminded of these plans.

January 2019:

On Jan 31st we received full planning permission approval to commence the work within 3 years.


These events have not been the brain child of the leadership. We as a leadership have sought the Lord and been open to being wrong on each step. In regards to this project we can say “thus far the LORD has helped us“. Phase one and two of the plan cost approximately £400,000 each. Humanly speaking it seems unlikely that we can afford this. Therefore, we continue to look to the LORD for His supply. Knowing that “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain.

With these things in mind we look to the future, with these thoughts:

  • We will not beg or plead for funds. God’s work, done God’s way, will never lack God’s supply
  • We must focus on souls, maturity and ministry not finance, bricks and mortar.
  • We seek to be more excited about the Saviour we have and what he has done than anything we might do.

After the message on June 2nd, Giles gave an update on the building project, including the financial implications. You can listen to what he said here:

Please continue to pray for the leadership and for the fellowship in the days ahead.