Giles Woodcraft

Giles&family Giles was bought up in a farming Christian family in Bedfordshire. He enjoyed his childhood playing with tractors and enjoying numerous sports. These pursuits could have become the main things in his life but, in his late teen years, God bought him to a realisation of his need to know God. Since then, he has been seeking to serve Jesus and His church. Giles is married to Lauren and they have 3 young boys. They have moved from Brighton to join the leadership at Hope Church.

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Stuart Fisher

Stuart and Liz

Stuart was born in South Wales. After a long search in his teens for the meaning to life, he finally found the true meaning in having a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, knowing that in Christ alone there is forgiveness of sin and real fulfilment. Stuart now serves as an elder and lay preacher. He is married to Liz and they have three grown up children and four grandchildren. Stuart works part-time as a primary school teacher and also as the teaching pastor at Hope Church.

You can listen to some of Stuart’s sermons on the sermon page.

Stuart Smith

Stuart and Jennifer

Stuart was brought up as a devout Catholic and always had an interest in spiritual matters but did not appreciate the need to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  While studying at Southampton University, he was encouraged to read John’s Gospel and soon realised that he must be ‘born again’ by the Spirit of God.  He put his trust in Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection for forgiveness and everlasting life.  He is keen to see Hope Church become effective in reaching a world that needs to understand the Good News about Jesus. Stuart is a retired Medical Physicist and is married to Jennifer, a retired primary school teacher.  They have two married daughters and five grandchildren.

John Cowell